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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.

Vulcan Mining Truck Scales


System Accuracy: Typically
+/- 1% of full scale load or better.
Installable System: This item is non-refundable.
Onboard Weighing Solution for Mining Applications
Accurate and reliable payload measurement is an important element of profitability and operating safety in bulk hauling. Whether for municipal, county, state or private operations, Vulcan on-board scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity-both for maximizing loads and preventing overloading.
Vulcan On-Board Scales offers model specific on-board weighing solutions for high capacity (greater than 20 tons) dump and articulated dump trucks. The scales include a meter in the cab of the truck and warning options to let the loader know when the
maximum capacity has been reached.
The weight information can be used by the driver to limit loading of the vehicle in order to avoid overweight conditions or to load the vehicle to maximize payload efficiency. Avoiding overweight conditions minimizes maintenance costs and safety/liability issues.
The weight information can also be used by management to determine loading efficiency of the vehicle, carry back weight and the unused truck capacity due to under loading. Overload information can be useful in creating vehicle service strategies and determining
overall vehicle service lifetime.
How the System Works
The basic measurement components of the weigh system are the chassis mounted load cells and the rear hinge pin load cells. As payload is added to the dump body, the weight is transferred to the truck frame chassis through the load cells and rear load
sensing hinge pins. These components measure the weight and send the weight value as an electrical signal to be displayed by the meter in the cab of the vehicle.
Installable System: This item is non-refundable.

V600 Meter:

  • Display:
    • LED, variable brightness
    • Primary: 6 -.7” high characters
    • Secondary: 16 - .2” high characters
  • Cycle Speed: Variable, 1-9 seconds
  • Size: 8.0”W x 2.6”D x 3.6”H (including mounting bracket)
  • Resolution: 10, 20, 50, 100, or 200 lb or kg increments
  • Voltage required: 10.5 to 29.0 Vdc
  • Current Draw: .7 to 2 amps
  • Protection: Inline, 2 amp fast acting fuses and reverse voltage protection
  • Weight: 27.8 oz (including mounting bracket)


VSL Vulcoder:
  • Size: 5.6”W x 4.6”D x 1.5”H
  • 2-Wire Communication Cable:
    • Vulcan designed special cable, urethane jacketed, remains flexible in cold water

  • 4-Wire Sensor Cable:
    • Vulcan designed special shielded cable, polyurethane jacketed, 4 conductor

  • Electronics: Environmentally sealed
  • Connectors: Military grade with dual environmental seals


The Vulcan V600 Electronics System combines the most advanced electronics with a user-friendly operation. Works with existing Vulcan load cells and sensors. Ideal for applications requiring more than two channels, set points, recording weight information, interface to on-board printers and computers, or operators who wish to mix tractors and trailers.
  • Uses Vulcan Single Line (VSL) technology
  • Unlimited mixing of trucks and trailers without any adjustment, just plug in and go
  • Handles up to 6 channels
  • Adjustable cycle time (between channels)
  • Brilliant display - large, red LEDs with 4 brightness setting for easy viewing inside/outside the cab
  • 16-character, LED, dot-matrix secondary display for user-friendly meter interface
  • Simple operation with auto-calibrate feature
  • Lockout feature allows full operation of scales while safeguarding against accidental changing of calibration settings
  • Reduced wiring - a single 2 wire cable provides power and communication for all channels
  • Printer interface with date and time
  • Set points with relay drivers to control lights and alarms
  • Interface to on-board computers
  • Configurable for custom applications including weigh-in-motion
  • Can capture up to 2000 events including date, time, and weight for down loading (depending on application)
  • RS-232 port
  • Tare/Zero function
  • Optional Printer
  • V-600 series Spec Sheet
Vulcan V600 Meter - Software Version C-19 Designed for Dump Truck Loading Cycles
Software Description
Software version C-19 is a special software edition of the Vulcan V600 Meter. It has been specially created for use in the load-haul-dump-return cycle. It has been configured with output options to trigger relays, drive scoreboards and warning lights. This version will also capture information about the hauled product, date, time, weight and automatically stores this information in the meter's memory for downloading into a PC for analysis. Two records will be stored during the load-haul-dump-return cycle. There is a "load cycle" and a "dump cycle". The "load cycle" records the full load weight. The "dump cycle" records the empty or carry back weight. The product code, date and time are recorded with each load and dump cycle. Each weight record has a sequence number prefixed to it. In addition, if a Truck ID has been entered into the meter, this Truck ID will be appended to each record. Data stored in the V600 meter can be easily downloaded into a PC or laptop using any number of readily available programs. This information will be in the form of a comma separated
ASCII text file, which can then be imported into many commercial database or spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
Load Cells and Shear Pins
Electrical: 350 Ohms nominal impedance.
Connector: 4-pin bulkhead, military type.
Voltage Required: 5.0 +/- .1 Vdc.
Material: High grade alloy steel.
Operating Temp: -40 to +140 degrees F.
System Accuracy: Typical error less than 1% Full Scale of actual
weight for operating temperature range and normal loading conditions.
VSL Vulcoder
Environment: Environmentally sealed electronics.
Operating Temp.: -40 to +140 degrees F.
4-Wire Cable, Black: Custom, shielded, 4 conductor, polyurethane jacket with drain.
2-Wire Cable, Orange: Custom polyurethane jacket.
Connectors: 4-pin, military type.
Voltage Input: 10.4 Vdc +/- .2 Vdc.
Voltage Output: 5 Vdc +/- .1 Vdc
V600 Meter
Display: L E D, Variable brightness.
Cycle Speed: Variable cycle speed, 1 - 9 seconds.
Graduation: 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 lb or kg
Display Range: -99,999 to 999,999
Voltage Required: 10.5 - 29 Vdc.
Current Draw: .5 A to 2 A.
Protection: Internal fuse & diode protection.
Hookup: Screw type, quick release terminal block on rear panel.
Operating Temp: -40 to +180 degrees F.
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Installation: Power cables, fuses, mounting bracket and thumb screws provided.
Right: 4 load cells installed
Replace the stop pads with Load Cells Installed Load Cell Close up Rear Hinge pin
Installation times are estimates on first time installations only. Actual installation times are dependent on the skill level of the mechanic and number of mechanics, shop equipment, on the need to possibly relocate other equipment on the truck or trailer.




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Celebrating 33 years of Service in the Scale Industry.

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