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Vulcan Trailer Filling Scale System


Now we offer a new systems that automatically emails weight data!
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You need: Indicator - Backplate ASSY, with RJ-45 Receptacle direct to internet cable to office PC or RS-232 port to Wifi to office PC or RS-232 port to modem to office PC.

Digital weight indicator with custom programming that causes it to send a transaction data string at preset intervals.  With custom Windows PC service that collects the data over Ethernet TCP/IP. It saves the data to a database and sends an email to a Gmail account. (Below)

Custom Windows PC service that listens on a static IP address for incoming transaction data. It writes the transaction data to a Microsoft SQL Server database table and sends out an email to a Gmail account
Vulcan Trailer Filling Scale System
This allows you to weigh in a variety of areas where permanent scales are not feasible
The Vulcan trailer filling system is extremely versatile.
There are several configurations to meet your application needs.
Any existing Vulcan trailer system can be adapted for to trailer filling scale system.
The most popular of these systems is adding the landing gear load cells.
Option 1: Instead of having your tractor in place during filling. Vulcan has designed a system that can be installed on your OTTAWA YARD TRACTOR. This is the most common application.
Option 2: use of V320 indicator and mounted on your trailer and use a 700 series remote display for the operator that is filling the trailer.
Option 3: You could have a remote plug-in the filling's shack or office V320 indicator.
Option 4: or we could provide total automation controls for filling your trailer.
Give us a call & we can put together a system that meets your needs
Custom systems have 3 to 4 week lead time.
This system would provide the weight at the front of the trailer (landing gear) and rear of the trailer (Reyco or Hutch suspension) and gross trailer weight.  Your customer could also set the system up to display net payload weight if desired. Following is showing the requirements for scaling trailer landing gear feet with either a Hutch or Reyco 21B rear suspension.  I have attached some pictures illustrating the landing gear feet installation.  Please note that additional parts, not supplied by Vulcan, are required when installing our center hanger load cell system on a trailer with a Reyco 21B suspension (see attached parts list).  Also attached is information on the meter enclosure and another regarding no-hop suspensions.

(1) M32 V320 Meter
(1) 56-30107-001 V320 Meter Enclosure
(4) L02 15" Super-Beam Load Cells, Side Connector
(2) H01 15" Super-Beam Mounting Kits
(1) V27 VSL Vulcoder - 2 Lead (10')
(1) V23 VSL Vulcoder - 2 Lead (5')
(1) C01 Cable, 40' Orange Stress-Flex
(2) H32 Center Hanger Mounting Kits

Configurations vary for stand alone weighing or Yard Goat in place during fill process. Estimate installation for rear suspension scale installation: 10-12 man-hours

Parts required for use with Vulcan H32 split bushing modular center hanger mounting kits

For trailers with Reyco suspensions, the following products will be required for each trailer to work with Vulcan H32 split bushing modular center hanger mounting kit (Hutch).  These parts are not supplied by Vulcan:

Qty. (2) Hutch 16353-01 Bolt Kit
Qty. (2) Hutch 719-02 Radius Rod Bolt
Qty. (2) Hutch 10562-00 Lock Nut
Qty. (2) Hutch 17784-01 Cast Rocker
Qty. (1) Hutch Adjustable Torque Arm (specify wheel base for part number required.  Wheel  
              base can range from 49” to 67”)

Total cost should be around $280.00

(1) V27 VSL Vulcoder - 2 Lead (10')
(1) C01 Cable, 40' Orange Stress-Flex
(1) C03 Cable, 7' Orange Stress-Flex with Receptacle
(1) L40 VSL Air Sensor
(1) 49-10116-001 Ride Height Control Valve, 500R High Accuracy
(1) 49-10122-001 Ride Height Control Valve Linkage
(2) 58-10669-001 Landing Gear Load Cells

(1) M60A V600 Meter
(1) 56-10437-002 Environmental Enclosure for V600 Meter
(1) C04 Cable, 45' Orange Stress-Flex with Receptacle
(1) 49-10170-001 Coil Cord, 12'4 Conductor

(1) V600 Meter
(1) V23 VSL Vulcoder, 2 Lead
(1) C12 Cable, 45’ Orange Stress-Flex with Plug
(2) L04N Fifth Wheel Load Cells, Modified for Ottawa Yard Tractor
(2) H11 Fifth Wheel Load Cell Mounting Kits, Custom for Ottawa Yard Tractor





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Celebrating 30 years of Service in the Scale Industry.

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