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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.

Replacement Components For Onboard Scales - Aftermarket SI & Vulcan Scales Parts

Holland 5th Wheel

Hutch Center Hanger

Dayton 5th Wheel

Kingpin Plate

Tractor 5th Wheels can be fit with bolt-down load cell kits:

Air-ride suspension transducer kits may be used on either tractor or trailer or both:
Kingpin Plate Load cells allow for a complete, self-contained trailer scale system:

Tandem equalizing spring suspensions use center hanger load cell assemblies:
Replacement Components Onboard Scales - Load Cells
Model Aftermarket & Replacement For Component Description  
Aftermarket-116435-PL9000-11 LODEC D30046 Feed wagon cantilever beam  
Aftermarket-114322-PL9000-14 SI, Cable is 3'2" long, 4 pin connector (Vishay 8300610 LC cable slightly different) 13 inch low profile bending beam  
Aftermarket-115345-PL9000-14.4 SI, Precision Loads, Vulcan L02 14.4 14.4 inch underbody shear beam  
Aftermarket-111766-PL9000-22 22.6" SI 83-00/Lodec - Replacement for SI-830042010 22 inch underbody / axle load cell  
Aftermarket-114325-PL9000-26 SI, Vulcan, Precision Loads 26 26 inch shear beam load cell 12,000 lbs  
Aftermarket-114326-PL9000-50 LODEC 72-001068-73, Precision Loads 50 5th wheel bending beam cell  
Model Tandem Trailer Single Point Suspension Load Cells Component Description
APEX-PLSB-40K-117666 Tandem Trailer Single Point Suspension 40K Double End Clamp Load Cell Only used on 117667
APEX-PLSB-40K-118369 Tandem Trailer Single Point Suspension 40K Double End Clamp Load Cell & bearing plate used on 117667


Replacement Components Onboard Scales -Air
Model Component Description  
APEX-114320--PL9000-102 Air Pressure transducer, single element  
APEX-114321-PL9000-202 Air Pressure transducer, dual element  


Replacement Components Onboard Scales - Transmitters
Model Aftermarket Replacement For Component Description  
Aftermarket-114189-PL8705 SI Dual Lead SI  
Aftermarket-118276-PL8701 SI Single Lead SI  
Aftermarket-118217-PL9720-20010 Vulcan V200 Transmitter Dual lead Vulcan  

Replacement Components Onboard Scales - Digital Indicator
Model Replacement For Component Description  
Aftermarket-PL9700-10-114185 SI 9100 In cab display- Dual Channel, Gross, Net  


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Celebrating 30 years of Service in the Scale Industry.

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