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Intercomp LS-700 WIN Scales

4 week lead time on this product.

Intercomp LS700 Weigh In Motion Scales
Low Speed Weighing that can be used for Static & Dynamic Weighing
Intercomp LS700 WIM SYSTEM which says it is the world's largest supplier of portable weighing solutions to a variety of customers, agrees that vehicle enforcement is now more important than ever as each year it causes billions in damage to road structures. "In recent years, increased traffic volumes have increased the demands on roads and, in addition, the increased price of fuel has provided further incentive to overload trucks," it says. However, it points out that there are comparatively inexpensive weigh-in-motion (WIM) devices, which are designed to capture and record truck axle weights and gross vehicle weights as they drive along, without the need for trucks to stop, thus making them much more efficient. For example, the Intercomp LS700 WIM system is said to be a cost effective method to savings in avoided pavement damage, and this does not include the increase in safety due to detecting unsafe vehicles or increased vehicle costs due to driving on roads in need of repair.
The portable system can be set up in any area that is relatively smooth and allows vehicles to reach a steady speed between zero and about 10km/hr. Its main computer, an industrial grade laptop, is housed in a transport case along with the printer, and all cables run from the scales to receptacles in the transport case. The connectors are military approved to ensure consistent performance. The cables are conveniently stored inside the transport case on aluminum spools, while the entire WIM system is built for a harsh outdoor environment: it can be used in climates between -10° to +50°C. "If desired, your own computer can be used with the Intercomp software. Both law enforcement and fleet management software are available," says Intercomp.
The Intercomp LS700 WIM system: 'a cost effective method to savings in avoided pavement damage'. The system is automatic and starts collecting data as soon as weight is applied to the weigh pads. The weight is stored after the vehicle has passed over the scales, and the following data is then displayed: number of axles weighed, axle spacing, velocity, classification and lists overloaded axles or axle groups. The data can be used alone or concurrently and results may be viewed on the CPU computer screen or exported as a delimited text file.
The heart of Intercomp's WIM system is the electronic strain gauge load cells, which in each scale pad work together to provide highly accurate weighing with an ultra-low 2.54cm high profile. "Electronic strain gauge load cells were chosen for several reasons. They are accurate, have minimal hysteresis, are low profile and rarely fail because they are essentially solid state. Individual load cells can be easily replaced if needed," says Intercomp. Electronic load cells function because wires attached to the surface of the cell will elongate when the cell is subjected to bending. The resistance of the wires will change as they are stretched, and the change in resistance is calibrated to a given force. The load cells, in conjunction with an aluminum platform, enable Intercomp to offer a scale with a capacity of 9,000kg with a system capacity of 18,000kg. The scales feature 0.1% accuracy with static weights and +/-1% at 3m/hr or 5km/hr.
The scales are also self-calibrating. Hysteresis is minimal because the cells displace such a small amount that they quickly return to their original shape. To set up the Intercomp WIM system takes two people about 15 minutes: the scales are placed in the center of the weighing area, and the spacers connect to the scales like a jig-saw puzzle. "The Intercomp LS700 WIM system is a versatile tool that can be used to increase the lifespan and safety of highways by monitoring the weights of vehicles. WIM also has commercial applications.
Model Discription
Capacity lb.
Intercomp-LS700-160150 LS700 WIN 2 Scale System
20,000 per pad
500 lb
Intercomp-LS700-160151 LS700 WIN 4 Scale System
20,000 per pad
800 lb
Intercomp-LS700-160152 LS700 WIN 6 Scale System
20,000 per pad
1,100 lb


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