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Cardinal Weight Wrangler Moblie & Portable Livestock Scales


Cardinal Scale’s USA-made mobile Weight Wrangler group animal scales provide a self-contained NTEP legal-for-trade weighing system that can be used on any firm surface with up to a 5% grade. The livestock scales include an integral air pump to easily lift and lower the trailer’s air bag suspension. Models come in 18-ft-long tandem axle or 13-ft-long single axle. The rubberized component deck and steel cattle pen enclosure with dual gates are all suspended at four points within a mobile base frame.
Mobile Scales with Wheels and Also Portable Scales with Lower Frame for Transport
Includes Weight Indicator, Ticket Printer, and Battery
Weigh Groups of Cattle up to 15-20 Head at a Time (20,000-lb Capacity)
High-Quality Composite Flooring for Livestock Stability and Assurance
The Weight Wrangler's mobile weighing center includes an inclinometer that eliminates the need to recalibrate the scale after transport. The selfcontained scale provides legalfor- trade weights in multiple
locations with up to a 5% tilt angle (maximum allowed by NTEP) in any direction
Cardinal Scale's USA-made mobile and portable Weight Wrangler group animal scales provide a self-contained NTEP legal-fortrade weighing system that can be used on any firm surface with up to a 5% grade. The livestock scales include an integral air pump to easily lift and lower the trailer's air bag suspension. The rubberized component deck and steel cattle pen enclosure with dual gates are all suspended at four points within a mobile base frame.
Predefined floor plank seams in the scale deck prohibit debris from compiling underneath.
High under-frame clearance (helpful in maneuvering through bumpy field terrain).
USA-made load cells easily accessible via side access panel.
High-quality composite flooring for livestock stability and hoof-gripping assurance.
All USA-made product: livestock scale, load cells, and weight indicator.
Model Moblie Overall Size Overall Capacity Increments Shipping Weight
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-LSM2018-MWC225P 18' 5"L x 7" 4"W x 8" 2" T 20,000 x 5 lbs 5 lbs 3,630 lbs
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-LSM1513-MWC225P 13'L x 7" 4"W x 8" 2" T 15,000 x 5 lbs 5 lbs 6,000 lbs
Model Portable Overall Size Overall Capacity Increments Shipping Weight
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-LSP2018-MWC225P 18' 5"L x 7" 4"W x 8" 2" T 20,000 x 5 lbs 5 lbs 4,188 lbs
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-LSP1513-MWC225P 13'L x 7" 4"W x 8" 2" T 15,000 x 5 lbs 5 lbs 5,027 lbs
Model Optional Description
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-Collector Panel Mount Bow Collector Panel Mount Bow (qty 1)
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-Horse Risers Horse Risers
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-Dual Latch Dual Latch
Cardinal-Moblie-Livestock-Towing Light Kit Towing Light Kit



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